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7.4V4400/4800/5200/6000mAh Smart li-ion battery pack for heated blankets
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Brand: FCY/ODM
Model: smart li-ion heated clothing battery
Spec: 7.4V4400/4800/5200/6000mAh

7.4V4400/4800/5200/6000mAh Smart li-ion battery pack for heated shoes 


model number 7.4V4400/4800/5200/6000mAh Smart li-ion battery pack for heated shoes
Type li-ion battery pack
Port EXW Shenzhen
Voltage 7.4V
Capacity 4400/4800/5200/6000mAh
color black
certification CE TUV ROHS
Features high energy density/ excellent cycle life/long shelf-life and low self-discharge rate /environmental-friendly

7.4V/4400/4800/5200/6000maH lithium battery for heated clothing,hat,pants,shoes and so on

1 output:Constant power pulse output

2 Output plug:3.5*1.35mm

3 Input:8.4V/1A special charger


with CE and Rohs certification.Infrared heated warm glove
Rechargeable Battery control temperature
With CE certification.Infrared battery heated warm glove    

This glove liner is a kind of practical product with warm-keeping and heating functions,
With a advantage of low voltage and safety,it can be used widely in cold areas different people and bring care to your hand ,
This item applies re-chargeable polymer battery and therefore can be used conveniently.Please read the following instruction carefully before using it,

I.System composition

1.Two units of polymer batteries

2.A CE and Rohs approved charger with Y-shape output power cord

3.A pair of heated glove liners

II.Battery charge

1.The Y-shape charger can charge 1or 18650 battery at the same time.

2.When the polymer battery is being charged,theLED on the battery will shine red,When the battery is charged full.it will turn green,(Each battery can be charged for 300-500 tims)

3.Before using this item,please charge the battery full.It will take you 4-5hours to charge each battery full

III.Operation Procedure

1.put on the gloves and insert the plug in the gloves liners into DC socket on the polymer battery.

2.Press the:ON/OFF"key on the battery to start heating ,The :red"indicating light will shine that shows the power output is high.

3.Press the :ON/OFF"key again ,and the LED light will shine red that means the power output is low now.

4.Press the :ON/OFF"key again,the LED  light will be off to show the output is stopped.The working time and corresponding temperature is as below(with an environmental temperature of 15°c)


Menu key+LED power display+4 file output

Company profile

1 Our company manily produce lithium batteries,like laptop batteries,power bank,heated clothing batteries,medical equipment batteries and so on,

2  FCY  Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen was established in 2003. Is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the innovation and development of new energy lithium battery applications. The products of FCY have passed the ISO9001, CE, SGS, MSDS, such as UN38.3 authentication. 

3 Our factory has hundreds of people, more than 50 people are undergraduate and graduate students, and the worker all gratuated from high school, the education has guarantee

4 Shenzhe is the financial center of China, is a developed economy area; and Shenzhen is a natural port of China, it's the transpot hub of China, so, we have an advantage on the transportation and economy

5 Our head office is in HongKong,Yangzhou is our production and research department,Shenzhen is our markeing center.

6 The most of our products are for export, our export market is manily in Europe and America etc developed countries









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