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6000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Order Hotline:400-0188-031
Brand: FCY
Model: 106678
Spec: 6000mAh 3.7v

1. Products Specification

Name:                         Lithium Polymer Battery Pack 
Normal Capacity:        6000mAh
Normal Voltage:          3.7V
Dimension:                 10x66x78mm
Weight:                       118g
Warranty:                   1 Year
Charge Temp:            0~60C
Discharge Temp:        -20~60C
Condition:                  Brand New
Certificate:                   CE, MSDS, TUV

2. Feature

( 1 ) Low discharge rate, no "memory effect"
( 2 ) Short-circuit and over-current Protection
( 3 ) Low recurring operation cost
( 4 )Environmental Friendly

3. Attention

( 1 ) DON'T dispose in fire or heat
( 2 ) DON'T puncture, damage and disassemble
( 3 )DON'T mix fresh batteries with used batteries

4. Customer Service

( 1 ) Communication: We usually replies to emails within 3-4 hours during working time.
( 2 ) Order processing: Most orders are shipped within 3~5 days *except during Holidays and vacation.
( 3 ) After sale support: We will try to help you with any technical/setup issues to our best knowledge

5. Payment Terms

T/T, Western Union

6. About Us

FCY is one of the high technology firms which devotes to R&D the new energy, mainly engaged in the electronic electrician supporting lithium battery, digital products of lithium

battery. Develop, produce and sell three series of Mining military security battery.
The products of FCY have passed the ISO9001, CE, SGS, MSDS, such as UN38.3 authentication.

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